Sinn Spezialuhren zu Frankfurt am Main - as this company is officially called - is for many a brand that finds its origins in technology. There is hardly another manufacturer that offers wwatch aficionados such a sophisticated and reasonable collection of sporty watches, many of which are conceived to take extreme pressure.

In 1994, Lothar Schmidt took over the brand, and his product developers began looking for inspiration in other industries and the sciences. They did so out of a practical technical impulse without any plan for launching a trend. "Products need to speak for themselves," Schmidt explains. That is why he continues to invest in research and development, with the aim of improving the everyday functionality of his watches. This includes application of special Sinn technology like the moisture-proof technology by which the noble gas argon is pumped into the case. Other Sinn innovations include the Diapal (a lubricant-free lever escapement), the Hydro (an oi-filled diver's watch), the Tegiment processing (for hardened steel surfaces).

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