Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis, a manufacture fully committed to luxury and "très haute horlogerie," was taken over by the Richemont Group in the late fall of 2007. The centerpiece of the deal was without a doubt the company's state-of-the-art workshops, where the finest movement components are made - parts that, because of their quality and geographical origins, bear the coveted Seal of Geneva. These credentials are interesting to other brands in Richemont Group as well, especially to Cartier, which gets its new skeletonised movements from the Roger Dubuis manufacture.

This Geneva-based company was founded in 1995 as SOGEM SA (Société Genevoise des Montres) by name-giver Roger Dubuis and financier Carlos Dias. These two exceptional men created a complete collection of unusual watches in no time flat - timepieces with unheard-of dimensions and incomparable complications. The meteoric development of this manufacture and the incredible frequency of its new introductions - even technical ones - continue to astound the traditional, rather conservative watch industry. Today, Roger Dubuis develops all of its own movements, currently numbering more than thirty different mechanical calibers. In addition, it produces just about all of its individual components in-house, from base plates to escapements and balance springs. WIth this heavy-duty technological know-how in its quiver, the brand has been able to build some remarkable movements, like the massive RD101, with four balance springs and all manner of differentials and gear works to drive the Excalibur Quatuor, the equivalent in horology to a monster truck.

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