Rado is a relatively young brand, especially for a Swiss one. The company, which grew out of the Schlup clockwork factory, launched its first watches in 1957, but it achieved international fame only five years later, in 1962, when it surprised the world with a revolutionary invention. Rado’s oval DiaStar was the first truly scratch-resistant watch ever, sporting a case made of the impervious alloy hardmetal. In 1985, its parent company, the Swatch Group, decided to put Rado’s know-how and extensive experience in developing materials to good use, and from then on the brand intensified its research activities at its hom in Lengnau, Switzerland, and continued to produce only watches with extremely hard cases. A record of sorts was even set in 2004 when they managed to create a 10,000-Vickers material, which is as hard as natural diamonds.

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