This company founded in Paris in 1837 by Thierry Hermès originally specialised in the robust leather accessories that gentlemen needed for travel: chiefly headgear for horses as well as bags and suitcases. Although, over time, Hermès has largely diversified its range of products – handbags, foulards, fashion, porcelain, glass, and gold jewellery are found in its portfolio – a link has always remained to its roots. The production of watches began with the founding of Biel-based subsidiary La Montre Hermès in 1978. Here, the connection to the past is easily explained: The company’s workshops in Pariswere already producing straps for watches in the 1920s, thereby influencing watch fashion in a certain way.

Unlike so many other manufacturers of lifestyle products. Hermès does not have its watches simply assembled by so-called private labelers, but instead has maintained it own little watch factory in Biel since the beginning. Some interesting little complications have been produced in collaboration with external designers, such as the unusual hand movements with varying speeds or “parking options.”

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