Frederique Constant

In a country where some brans boast centuries of existence, celebrating a seventh anniversary as a full-fledged manufacturing might sound somewhat preposterous. On the other hand, there is no denying that Frédérique Constant has come a long way on a road of steady growth. Since 1991, the Dutch couple Peter and Alette Stas have genuinely lived up to the tagline they use for their Swiss brand: “live your passion.” The watch brand, named for Alette’s great-grandmother, Frédérique Schreiner, and Peter’s great-grandfather, Constant Stas, conceived in the late 1980s. The new company had its work cut out for it: Frédérique Constant had to compete in a watch market truly saturated with brands. After their Heart Beat manufacture model met with award-winning enthusiasm in 2003, the Stases decided to invest in their own watch factory, an impressive, four-floor facility with ample room for a spacious atelier, administrative offices, conference rooms, fitness area, and cafeteris, in Geneva’s industrial section, Plan-les-Ouatees. Frédérique Constant moved into its new home in 2006, joined shortly after by its sister brand, Alphina. The Heart Beat collection continues to make waves. The Double Heart Beat is even being used to fund charities ($50 per watch sold). But the brand is growing in other directors as well. In 2009, Frédérique Constant backed the founding of the exclusive Ateliers de Monaco. And as evidence that the Stases are genuinely interested in spreading their passion about watches, they have created a kind of sub-brand, Frédérique Constant Junior, aimed at young teenagers. These affordable watches have space for a dedication on the back. The idea is to revive the tradition of the “confirmation watch” while at the same time avoiding the propagation of “plastic rubbish,” says one Stas.

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