Creativity can take on all forms and accept all forms as well. That appears to be the philosophy behind Azimuth, a brand that has sprouted an eclectic and surprising bouquet of watch designs. The company is named for the mathematical term defining the arc of a horizon from a reference point. Azimuth is a word of Arabic origin meaning “the route taken by a traveler” or even “the way.” It is a term, and indeed a concept, used mainly by astrologers, navigators, and the military-precisely the same sort of people who have placed great stock in accurate timekeeping. But Christopher Long and Alvin Lye, the path is by no means well-beaten; Azimuth always guarantees a raised eyebrow with avant-garde designs for luxury timepieces. But to hook into tradition, the brand has opened an atelier in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, to research, model, and assemble its watches.

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