Jewellery Customisation

Creating a unique piece of custom-made jewellery that can eventually become a part of you and your family’s heirloom can be the most rewarding experience. Here at BONFIELD, you have the opportunity to let your own creativity take center stage, where your desires in design can take flight. Your design is a one-of-its-kind reflection of you. BONFIELD will ensure that the final creation is of fine quality that you will proudly pass it on through generations of your family.

We are well equipped to help you customise your jewellery using precious and semi-precious gemstones onto precious metals. Whatever your inspirations and desires take you and whichever way you wish to reflect your personality, we can help you create THAT jewellery of your dreams.

You can even bring down your old, hardly-worn jewellery, and let us give it a new lease of life as your very own piece of haute jewellery.

At BONFIELD, we do our best to make your experience a happy and fulfilling one.

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