Commissioned Watches

“Commissioned Watches” means the deposition of a Timepiece owned by a Third Party with the Seller for purposes of sale to a Buyer.

Why commission your watch to Bonfield?

Many a times, passionate collectors need to consolidate their collections as their aim may have taken a different turn and now they may want to focus their attention on a particular movement, circa, or function. With this desire to sell off part of, or all of their collections, problems may now arise when they:

  • Lack the time to entertain and update internet forums on their sale
  • Worry that the new buyers do not understand how special their watches are
  • Wish that like-minded aficionados end up owning their watches so that the passion lives on
  • Feel it is too much effort to take high resolution pictures and too costly to authenticate the watches
  • Have to deal with ill-informed and fiscally challenged buyers
  • We at BONFIELD endeavour to provide a smooth one-stop solution. We now offers a viable option of commissioning the timepiece, whereby we will sell the item at an agreed upon price for the customer.

    Why Sell Through Bonfield?

    At BONFIELD, you get the utmost confidence that your watch will be handled, viewed and inspected properly. All aspects of its provenance will be answered on your behalf. This service will be a seamless one for you as your watch will be photographed and catalogued on our website. It will also be proudly displayed in our showroom to reach the pool of avid and knowledgeable collectors, most of whom understand the importance and value the discretion in the sale of exquisite timepieces.

    In addition, all commissioned items in our possession are fully insured against theft, loss, damage, etc.

    With our years of experience selling luxury timepieces, we will not sell any timepiece that is not in its mint condition. With your approval, we will repair and restore your timepiece before it goes on sale.

    Please contact us to arrange for an appointment. Without viewing the timepiece, we are not able to determine an accurate valuation as condition and market demand may greatly impact the actual value.

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